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We urge you to take the time to browse the web sites at RDYSL and NYSWYSA. Each of these offer great information and many forms that might be useful to you during your time as a coach with Gates Youth Soccer, and perhaps beyond. The following links we offer for quick access to a few of those documents. It's only by exploring the sites at RDYSL and NYSWYSA that you might find something even more interesting.


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Risk Management for Gates Youth Soccer - A background check. Adults are required to submit a verification for their identity before being approved to participate in any activities that might include interacting with players for any type of practice, match situation, or other club related event. Please review the policies set forth by New York State Youth Soccer Association regarding the risk management procedure.

To all concerned parties:
I've been getting calls about risk management passes for coaches and officials of recreation leagues.    Short answer:   Yes, you need them.

To be clear. All coaches (recreation, travel, assistant, head) are to have a properly executed NYSW Risk Management pass with them any time they are with the kids - practice or games.  No exceptions.  None.
Two words. Jerry Sandusky.
TRUE STORY: I've actually gotten a call from a policeman that a known sex offender was helping to coach a team in a small town.  When I called the club and they investigated I got back statements like the offender was a "nice guy" and the head coach was "just happy to have the help with the team".  The offender "seemed really good with the kids" and the club did not even know he was helping out.   THANK GOD the cop called the state office and we could alert the club and get the offender off the field.
How the pass process flows:
  1. The background check process is begun by the club official entering the potential coach, manager, etc. into Team Staff in Rosterpro.  
  2. The Coach/Manager will get an email sent to them requesting additional personal information that is needed for the criminal history check.  
  3. The check is done on-line and the NYSW office prints a pass for the adult and sends it to the club contact. 
  4. The club is to ensure that the coach receives the pass, signs it, and has a picture of him/herself laminated to the card.
This process can take only a few days, however, I would not delay in starting the process.

A coach on the field without a proper RM pass places the club in bad standing.  Hence if there will be no support from NYSW if the club needs insurance for a player/coach/spectator injury, no legal assistance if the club is sued, or club personnel are accused of wrongdoing.

This is not new.  The RM policy has been in effect for years.  It has always applied to both recreation and travel teams.   Many recreation clubs seem to have been ignoring this policy and the recreation kids are likely the ones most at risk as recreation play seems to be a more relaxed atmosphere and "everybody believes they know everybody."  
 BELOW is an excerpt from NYSW policy that defines who is to have a pass.    Full policy is on NYSW website. 
Section II of the risk management policy:
In addition to US Youth Soccer Bylaw 214 and in compliance with those bylaw requirements, the NYSWYSA affirms its commitment to the safety and well-being of its youngsters by approving a requirement that background checks be performed on:
  1. NYSWYSA personnel
  2. NYSWYSA members' personnel
 C.  This policy applies to all NYSWYSA personnel and the personnel of NYSWYSA members. For the purposes of this policy, "personnel" includes, but is not limited to, all coaches, assistant coaches,  trainers, other team officials, board members, staff, referees, and  volunteers, whether paid or unpaid. The NYSWYSA Board of Directors shall, in conjunction with the NYSWYSA Risk Management Committee,  reserve the right to determine any additional positions that may be subject to this policy.
 Amy Gush
 Executive Director
 NYSW Youth Soccer Association
PO Box 1247 | Corning, NY 14830 US
Mike Branciforte,
Feb 5, 2013, 8:10 AM