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Youth Soccer Indoor Tournament

Girls February 20, 2021

Boys - Completed February 13, 2021

Match Schedules and Results G11U-G16U

Score Tent Girls Group

Team Entry Validation

All team entries must be validated via email. Due dates and instructions for validating team entries follow

Girl Teams - February 12, 2021
Boy Teams - February 5, 2021 (completed)

All required documents should be submitted by email to Be sure to include your team gender, age group, and team name in the subject line for the email. Submit ALL required documents in one email. Teams and/or players which are undocumented are disallowed from participation. We recommend you review the Event Liability Release Form, as it will indicate your responsibilities as a team representative. 

You must submit the Gates Soccer Hold Harmless waiver for each player and coach/.staff member!

required documents and credentials

  • Current NYSWYSA Roster - REQUIRED for insurance purposes
  • Risk Management Passes (coaches and staff)
  • Event Liability Release Form - one for each team
  • Gates Soccer Hold Harmless Waiver - one for each player/staff
  • Signed Tournament Rules
  • Player Medical Release - one for each player*

* Player Medical Release forms do not need to be submitted, however the Team Representative agrees to carry Player Medical Release forms for the duration of the event. You may use your club's Player Medical Release, per the terms defined in the Event Liability Release Form

Tournament officials may inquire about player eligibility at any point during the tournament. Please abide by the rules.



THREE 35 minute matches and full indoor turf-field play at The Athletic Campus in Brighton, NY


Match Schedules and Results G11U-G16U

Score Tent Girls Group

Event Details

 Competitive Format
  • 9v9 Including Goalkeeper
  • Round Robin - 35 minute matches
  • Three games guaranteed
  • Unlimited in-play substitutions
  • Maximum roster:  *see rules

Metros 2nd Annual Cupid Cup

Gates Metros Soccer, presents the Annual Cupid Cup taking place on February 13 (Boys), and February 20 (Girls). We hope you will join us for this fun and competitive indoor soccer tournament event.

We pride ourselves in our experience and knowledge in running a fun, competitive, professional and exciting tournament. Join us in February 2021 for this indoor soccer tournament event!

Venue and Services Provided By

The Athletic Campus