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Pee Wee Soccer

Pee Wee Soccer Overview (Co-Ed 4-6 years of age)

Pee Wee Soccer is a great environment for fun and learning the most fundamental soccer skills. This is a non-competitive soccer experience where children age 4-6 years of age will have a chance to dribble, kick, and run about with a soccer ball. One hour sessions should typically consist of 25 minutes of skills followed by a 25 minute fun soccer match.

  • Play/Games Friday nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm at Gates Town Park off Lyell Rd. near Lugia's Ice Cream
  • Each night is a combo of 25 minutes practice, and 25 minutes game time.
  • Starts 2nd or 3rd week in May depending on weather
  • Ends July 19th (final game played at Total Sports Experience on Elmgrove Rd)
  • Cost is $60 and includes a shirt, and ball.  Shin guards are REQUIRED, Wear athletic shoes or sneakers (cleats are optional).
  • Volunteers must be approved under NYSWYSA guidelines for Risk Management. Contact us if you'd like to assist or coach a team.

Pee Wee Soccer Proudly Sponsored By Tim Hortons

Pee Wee Players On The Move

Directions to Gates Town Park (Pee Wee)

Map and directions to Gates Town Park 4310 Lyell Rd, Rochester, NY 14606

Gates Soccer Field Day Celebration

This is the culmination of all the hard work and fun these players have put into The Beautiful Game. We'll celebrate with some exciting PW matches, and free Kona Ice treats for all of our PW players.  Concessions are on site too!

Details Coming Soon 

Total Sports Experience Field Map

880 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, NY 14624

More about Pee Wee Soccer

The Pee Wee co-ed soccer program is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your 4-6 year old child to soccer in a fun and non-competitive learning environment. We encourage children to learn soccer through age appropriate activities that teach soccer through socialization, team work and improving fundamental motor skills. The program sessions will provide a fun and positive interaction in a nurturing environment. Previous soccer experience is not required to participate in the Pee Wee soccer program with Gates Youth Soccer.

We encourage our coaching staff members to teach the very fundamentals of soccer, and to teach and lead by example. Simple and repetitive exercises to demonstrate moving and touching the ball with the feet are the basic initial skills required to control a soccer ball. Passing a soccer ball with direction and at the appropriate speed towards some target (a player or a cone) is another building block in the required skill set. There are many variations and types of exercises that we will present to the Pee Wee player in a way that will entertain and excite them and prepare them to participate in the game at an age appropriate level.