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FC Certification and Safety


Gates Youth Soccer is a member of US Soccer through our affiliation with New York State West Youth Soccer Association (NYSWYSA), and is therefore subject to US Soccer and NYSWYSA risk management policies. Gates Youth Soccer secures liability insurance for our volunteer staff (coaches and team managers) through NYSWYSA, which requires all of its affiliates to communicate NYSWYSA Risk Management policies to our members for implementation.

Click to review the NYSWYSA Risk Management web page and the policies you'll agree to abide with.

As part of NYSWYSA Risk Management compliance, Gates Youth Soccer staff are required to complete the following requirements for certification:

  1. Submit to a background screening
  2. Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments
  3. Complete SafeSport training certification

In order to complete the requirement for  "Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments" you will need an account (no cost) at the US Soccer Learning Center. The account email for this should match exactly with the account email you use in your SportsEngine registration for the Risk Management application. If they do not match, then you will not receive credit for the course and it may delay your risk management approval indefinitely.

Gates Youth Soccer will pay for the SafeSport training certification and background screening and risk management requirements. Contact us to obtain the payment access code and online link to access the system. The Risk Management application will direct you to the SafeSport training application as part of the Risk Management checkout processing.

Please be prepared to commit to at least 90 minutes of online SafeSport training videos and the accompanying quizzes. You may choose to pause and return to the training later, however once you begin the training, you must complete within a specified period. Once you create an account you are solely responsible for maintaining your personal account credentials to access the system. We have no access to recover lost passwords and locked accounts.

The Risk Management FAQ will guide you through the steps required to complete this important process. Please contact the Club at if you have specific questions about this requirement.


U.S. Soccer Learning Center

INTRODUCTION TO SAFE AND HEALTHY PLAYING ENVIRONMENTS - includes concussion and life saving review